Friday, June 29, 2007

Kitchie in Sydney

On Saturday night, June 30 at the Manning Bar, University of Sydney, a young generation of Filipino-Australians will be treated to a concert by a young diva from the Philippines. Her name-- Anna Katrina "Kitchie" Nadal. Kitchie is currently touring the globe when a slight, wintry breeze blew a path towards my place this morning. Took some shots and did a little interview with her for some future article.

Very unassuming, I thought of this pretty, young lady who has a double degree major in Education and Psychology at De La Salle University and where she is currently doing a thesis.

She used to be lead singer of alternative band Mojofly. In a bold move she produced a self-titled solo album Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin which sold more than 60,000 copies thus achieving a double platinum status in the local marketing hype. Good for her. This young artist deserved every feather earned for her cap including best performer awards in MTV Pilipinas. Huwag na Huwag also won best ballad. Her voice soothes the most savage listener so to speak, giving an emotive, husky rendition of her OPM creations, including a rendition of Iniibig Kita as a musical theme in Rounin, an ABS-CBN tele-epic program.

Kitchie's idol is her mum who taught her piano and launched her songwriting career. Never did she expect to sing her written songs. She stays "safe" with love song genre, avoiding preachy politics
along the way. She saw first light under the Marcos regime and grew up under a woman president.
Perhaps Kitchie is a quality product of a period of Rectification, unconsciously representing a generation of hope.

Parker Fly is the kind of guitar she uses owing to its lightness. This guitar was created by Ken Parker of New York using light and modern composite materials and yet shall impress some Fender enthusiasts I think.

Listen to a sampling of Kitchie's voice if you visit her website. It sure does energize her web page. click here

So guys if you want to see Kitchie here are some contact links:


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