Sunday, February 18, 2007


The last person I heard mention the word serendipity was "Ding" Roces, artist friend who also dabbles with his digital camera. This was when he posted to Banggaan Artists Group a macrophoto of a fly (photo). His caption was "Serendipity made this picture. My naked eye failed to spot the victim mayfly in the jaws of this killerfly. I only realized this when I viewed the image in my computer screen."
Wiki says..Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. (right click on headline for more info; opening a new tab or window)

Last week of mid-summer --I had to grab my camera seeing rosellas (parrots) plunder young seeds of palm fronds in the front yard. Awesome sight, nature's pallette magical, rosellas looked like caped superheroes in their multicoloured costume. Have a closer look; photo below is an expanded view of bird in first photo.! Birdie dude seems to be wearing a red t-shirt with what looked like a printed college logo. Hang on, something more sinister here-- reason why I labeled image with slogan of giant sporting goods company. You please tell me why!;-) (note: the photos were completely unretouched)

Ah.. serendipity, even Nature can't escape Man's insidious commercial hype, even if it's just a trick of its own light! Earth so serene..pity the world--tho the latter is Man's affairs.

I've always loved birds, grew up taking care of a little brood of white ducks. I now have 17 crazy chooks in my backyard. Every morning, as regular as a heartbeat, their post-ova laying noise lulls the neighbors into tolerance and self-defeat. No probs with them but they own big dogs! Whenever this Pavlovian lot hear a wailing siren of an ambo or policecar, they howl like coyotes in the savannah. Now that evens things out in the noise pollution department.
Another downside of owning chooks is that the alpha male thinks we should all wake up at 3 a.m.!
However down here in Oz, cockatoos and galahs prove to be the noisiest.
Last year I posted at YouTube a short movie/video of these avian characters. Check it out. Right click link below to open a new tab or window:

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