Sunday, August 26, 2007

Testing Blogger's videoblog

Now there's a new video upload feature in Blogger I discovered today and here's to test it.

Don't remember who sent me this video (below) but I saved it 'cause it's funny.
Shades of the recent World Cup;-)

Anyway my pc's bursting with video files saved since the start of this milenium. But what to do with those bulky videotapes that stack up to the ceiling? Most are family videos since 1984 taken by my old JVC analogue video camera. Good thing my partner gifted me with a video converter thus I've saved some in my pc but it takes ages to convert each videotape. Now I know what to do when I retire;-)

Here's another video (below) sent in by my bud Mario. Magic entertains but this one really baffles me! How can that chainsaw-wielding magician do that? Are there two midgets conspiring to create an illusion? (one with a short torso but long legs, and the other amputee?)

Check it out; and if you have an explanation please let me know so I can get some sleep;-)

And lastly (for this entry) here's a tv commercial I videotaped in 1988. Can you spot the
young me?:-) Some of you guys here in Australia might have seen this ad repeatedly in the age of brick-sized tv remote control and absence of satellite tv and internet.

First time I appeared on Australian tv (and that's why I like Channel 9!;-)

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At Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 6:45:00 PM GMT+10 , Blogger elmer said...

im gobsmacked!! has to be an amputee & a midget as you thought.but still a ? on how they hold on to each
other on that jump.bloody illusionist!


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