Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Drawn and Palindromes

                                                         Sarah Palin caricature by Edd Aragon

Caricature (above) of Sarah Palin I did for today's Sydney Morning Herald (read article). This version was enhanced a little bit, giving her a wider, glazed eye, almost confused and high:) As I write this, she's just about to give the speech of her life.

The article I've illustrated discusses that Palin is being unfairly attacked by feminist movements. Ahh, politics, truly an invitation to open one's closet. Nice looking lady, however this Sarah, and many perhaps are wondering why cosmic forces did not make it an Obama-Palin match? Now we'll leave that to the voters for they know minds don't always meet.

Yes, the Alaskan guv'nor is quite controversial, that was upon media learning she once belonged to a party that wanted Alaska to become a separate country. Palin is also pro-lifer but ironically her conservative hand, in principle, was bitten off by her child mother-to-be; and then there's the nagging question everyone asks: How could she ever manage to hack a VP job with 5 children in her care?

I say six children as the 72-year old McCain , always like a good soldier, fights off disease and natural aging...and if he exits prematurely the American mandate would be left to his nanny! 

Here's a photo-cartoon collage
(above) I playdoughed in a paint program. The cartoonist in me couldn't resist comparing Palin's hairstyle to that of cartoon character Marge Simpson (and painfully realistic as wife of a redneckish Homer;)

And what do you call a male honey bee with no sting and gathers no honey but solidly supports Palin? (Answer below:)

Does one really need experience to run for President? Isn't it the very process of election is already most sobering experience any guy can have; and after which, win or lose, job becomes easier?:) Just a thought. Experience alone can not rectify political mistakes. I remember when I was younger my martial arts tutor repeatedly told us: It doesn't matter for how long you've been kicking that punching bag;  if technique is wrong, you'll only injure yourself. 

Like I'm telling a buddy here in Downunder recently, tactics are just part of strategy. Strategic mechanisms against terrorism are all okay but when bad tactics result to huge losses of lives and property, then only option is change. Here's an interesting link.

Let me end this entry with a popular palindrome (and yes, you could read it backwards, too:)

"Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas"

note: I enjoy word play, puns and games. Check out my blog entry on Ambigrams.


Palin Update! 06 Sept '08

Got lots of feedback on this entry.I playfully opined earlier that Palin is like palindromic sentence, (like you can read her forward or backwards yet the palindrome author tries to make sense out of it in the process; much like her acceptance speech claimed to be written by a Bush speechwriter (Matthew Scully) who prepared it earlier and was to be delivered by a man! Now talk about gender-based speech! The plot is getting thicker:)

The lady is not just a moose-gutting hunter; would you believe? Like i'm not a radical animal activist but an animal lover, also a big NatGeo fan, and we all know how a thriving wildlife helps achieve an ecological balance anywhere here on earth, like you know foxes, bears, pandas, elephants down to the lowly dung beetles are all part of it; but how in the world can she support this?

This video link sent to me by a friend who's now preparing for the assault of Gustav:( Now guys, tell me this ain't black propaganda:

Wait! there's more. Q: Is Sarah Palin obsessed with guns or fur? Err..let me rephrase that: Will she shoot a whale stranded in Bondi if it blocked her beach view?  Click this trigger!

Then an email from member of journos group in Sydney. Article asserts Media should apologise to Palin! Why?  Read article.

Hey there's also a palindromic song created by Weird Al Yankovic. He really sounded like Bod Dylan here! (below)


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