Friday, June 3, 2011

Sex Scandals (Big Boys in Trouble)

Governor, minister,
Banker's DNA
President & King
Oats gone astray?

I'm just a plebeian,
Thank heavens, thank Mary
 Big boys in trouble
not in my dic..tionary:) 
 Anytime there's a scandal, we all try and get involved..says Larry Flint; and what was George Stevens complaining about when he thought he might say something to newsmen that could be turned into a scandal?

Sadly or fortunately, the media could be a focusing lens for its audience, problem is like asphalt heat waves, the lens offer distorted or magnified or manipulated tales . However not all manipulations intend evil if humour may be considered as one; and so let me share a photo-manipulatoon or digital opinion cartoons using manipulated photographs. This cartoon was featured in



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