Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Doodlings

Blame Facebook which took over our lives and much time away from blogging, an activity of which some believe is reserved for hermits, loners, the depressed, the old, the deranged and those in contact with extra-terrestrials. Not me tho. Uh-uh.. for I still enjoy process of constructing a blog entry specially in tandem with images such as photos and drawings.

Facebook maybe a trial launchpad for postings we're confident enough to own up to like perhaps this series of playful doodles I've created in iPad. Now how shall I define this doodle game? Maybe reverse apophenia whereby I challenge myself to create a doodle around a random or given data, e.g. 2012 and make sense out of it.

Ever wonder what we would be up to this next 365 days..if ever?

Shall we start the year with worry?.. constantly thinking about that dreaded Mayan calendar?.. that there's going to be a polar shift? Shall people my age freak out? With gums atrophied and teeth falling out I'd be more concerned of molar shift. There's also much commercial hype about that cataclysmic B movie that I've convinced myself it's only end of the world for old ideas and bitter emotions. However  if what doomsayers  are harking about were true I'd still reckon that Earth, like us humans, would have already exploded or imploded so prematurely due to anxiety:) It's our character, a duality within but at least we still have our free will on which announcements to believe.

Might as well enjoy life instead of hiding under the bed to avoid that killer asteroid. For some it will be more doodles, more devices, more apps..

..or ride like the wind all year..

 ..or catch butterflies of their childhood..

 ..or perhaps spend a year mulling over that old lemon..

..or go on a really serious diet..

..or find more significance inside an Australian lifestyle..

.. or to have the determination to communicate more with loved ones .. diffuse the angst by playing more golf...

... or perhaps indulge the whole year composing or playing more soulful songs..

..or to be more intuitive, i.e- alert about opportunities & aware of impending disaster however large or small given the understanding that life's a ball and what matters is to be constantly in control of it.

..or maybe more holiday visits to, in my case, Motherland..

..or get closer with nature. Whatever it is good luck guys...have a Happy New Year! Isang Masaganang Bagong Taon!


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