Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alien in My Garden

She says I have a green thumb. My garden boasts of healthy jute plants (not joot my hippie amigo, jute! ..as in saluyot). Saluyot, although it sounds like the name of an old Russian rocket, is actually good for you! They say Ilokanos love them! I found out that jute leaf shoots are food of ancient royal Egyptians! Jute sacks are made of pulped stems of saluyot. The twine is called leteng in Filipino, a strong twine though not as strong as Manila Hemp (say it again, my hippie amigo;-)

I also grow other things like capsicum, Thai pepper, eggplant and low-maintenance weedy plants for my gourmet chooks (they steal my dogs' Good-O's)

I excitedly showed her the alien I found in the garden (top photo). She was stupefied and then gave me a hearty laugh. Been having fun with Photoshop again, haven't you luv? She's right, not even the grotesquely-shaped capsicum pepper (2nd photo) could satiate my desire to use the PS dodge & burn tool! Can't resist embellishing alien-like features I had in mind. Real good fun! I've seen erotic vegetables a hundred times in emails but neither this alien could seduce her to cook sinigang for me!;-)

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At Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 10:54:00 AM GMT+11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

pre ayos 'to men, pampa_____! patch


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