Monday, February 26, 2007

Nagfa's Ambigram Challenge

Hurrah, my ambigram entry was accepted in this month's ambigram challenge!
The word to have fun with is SINGULARITY.
Just like the word itself, the process proved long and difficult but I tried to give it my best shot (see image; of course you can also read it upside-down!). I used a fine felt pen in the original and scanned it thru to Photoshop. Good fun!

Have a go guys! NAC challenges you!
It's good exercise if you're into calligraphy, designing logos or just doodling for fun! Right click here to open new tab and visit NAC (Nagfa Ambigram Challenge) homepage.
Share you email (below) from NagFa (Naguib & Fadilah, both guys are organisers of this ambigram challenge. They're from Singapore.)

"hi, edd
thank you for participating in this months' NAC. we knew you could come up with a great design, and you proved us correct. considering that this is done with a fine pen, the end result looks spectacular: fun and a lot of movement. We like it. one thing we love about the solution is the ng-ri formula: that second line from 'n' which rotates into the leg of 'R' is subtly done. You've got a good eye for details. the flawless smoothness in the s-y combo is too nicely crafted.. beautiful overall effect, and the presentation: framed, titled, named adds class to the piece.. thank you edd. we will be showcasing all designs late next month, do check them out..
salam (peace)
nagfa, singapore "


At Monday, February 26, 2007 at 1:39:00 PM GMT+11 , Blogger Toto Ed said...

tukks, nagawa mong plural ang singular... nik-ti ka talaga!!!


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