Friday, June 1, 2007

Recent Editorial Drawings

Family decided just to walk in Hoyts and see a movie. Dark clouds loomed, young son can't get in to see Spider-Man 3 (rated MA) so had to see another movie with sibling who's completely annoyed. We went to see another movie just for the heck of it. Movie ratings literally break up families!:-)

Here was wednesday's drawing (below) for Miranda Devine's article at the SMH. Read her article about crazy movie ratings here in Australia.

Above drawing was for Miranda's column about stalking and bullying.

Above drawing was for SMH popular sports columnist Richard Hinds. His article was about
the need for Australians to excel in international tennis by switching from grass courts to clay as is the common trend now.

Above drawing was for Miranda Devine's article discussing the unfortunate event at Virginia Tech.