Friday, January 25, 2008

Recent Editorial Illustrations

Hi guys. I've been busy painting under an ultra-violet lamp in preparation for an exhibition inManila this April. Will post invitation in this blog soon. BTW my chooks are all gone and are in good hands. Now I can sleep better without alpha males crowing at 3 in the 
morning and allows me to paint without distraction of their daytime commotion. I didn't expect that from 2 little chicks grew a big brood! Lots of eggs but lots of work, too. I kinda miss them. Chickens on the ground attract birdlife (even a big hawk that killed 2 of them before).

Meanwhile here are 3 of my recent editorial cartoons published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

(Above) Oh when will Japan realise that the entire world's sick of its kabuki-masked whaling research (yep, they have to kill whales to study lifeforms; more or deadforms:( Good on present government of Australia doing something to blunt the whaling harpoons in the Antarctic. Read SMH article.

(Above) This one's about mess inGuantanamo prisons and controversial imprisonment and release of Australian David Hicks. I played on the shirt's folds to hide other letters and thus spell out guano (bats know it stinks:)

(Above) Kids do need a kind of discipline apart from corporal punishment. What sort is what eludes parents today. Children are maturing fast and are hungry to create bigger footprints on this planet. But sometimes they do abuse and often cross the line.
read article by Miranda Devine.