Monday, September 15, 2008

Vote for Me!!

Ah don' need to be an American to run! Obama, McCain, girrout of muh way! :) 

(If you want to run, too,  watch video below)

if it's not working let me know and I'll zap this blog entry into oblivion. Just got feedback from friends, for some the video didn't work.

Update Sep 17 '08

My sister in Canada and a few buddies emailed me complaining they couldn't play the video above; hence I've uploaded YouTube version for sis, it's only a direct video shot of LCD monitor (as I don't have any way of saving it in my computer). For those who missed it here's poor YouTube version (below:(

(The video graphics are so convincing it's scary! Also I suspect it's a form of clever, non-malicious viral marketing (much like the benevolent Christmas Elves and that persistent Hi5 spam) may I suggest that you don't run against me anymore:)