Monday, December 31, 2007

Doodle Me 2008!

Inspired by this blog entry, here's artwork I did last Wednesday for The Sydney Morning Herald (above) to illustrate a columnist's projection for the New Year.

For some Asiatic people (specially the Chinese), this New Year means prosperity and good luck. There are 4 circles in 2008 they believe represent grapes, coins, casino chips, golden rings and even the Beijing Olympic rings;-)

Whatever, money is handy but not always fun. For me money is compressed human energy and human energy is precious so I try to trade wisely. Fun doesn't necessarily need money but it's good to have fun with or without money.

So let's start the new year with fun. To attract more circles, doodle on circles;-) Try to do something similar to my doodle (above image) and show me your works. (Send them to my Gmail account below; not more than 150 kb in jpeg format. Use contrasting colours, using a different ink from 2008). I hope to publish doodles I receive in this blog.

I got a few submissions of 2008 doodles, including two from brother Ricky (Baby Brandon & Big Break ).

Ricky is art director of a large ad agency in Manila and a shortfilmmaker. He just won a major prize in a Manila filmfest for his shortfilm entitled Nineball (which probably inspired his doodle above:)

Also from Rod Samonte (above image) and Ed Labadia (below) who submitted wonderful digital illustrations (something like developed doodles;-). Both are members of Banggaan Art Group.

Tante Tagamolila, also a Banggaan member sent us this one (below). Are they cheeseballs on its back?;-) It's going to be a happy Year of the Rat after all.

My partner also took a video of me doodling around with the numbers 2008 and the possibilites are limitless.

Here's some of my video clips in YouTube:

Happy New Year to all!