Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodbye Rock Goddess

"She figures as one of the most important female musicians in our local industry, having worked with such bands as Tropical Depression, Electrikoolaid, and Analog. More than that, she is a great inspiration to many people, because she lives her life with such vigor and intensity, doing her best in everything that she does, be it as a focused, hard-working writer and editor, or as a dedicated mother to young 12-year-old Mischaela, or as a dutiful daughter and sister, or as an absolute whiz in the kitchen, or as a caring, loving friend..." - from a FB online support group for Anabel while she was undergoing brain surgery.

Frozen moments (in May last year at the Oarhouse in Manila) with Anabel Bosch who passed away at 4:30 a.m. today, 11th of January of this New Year.

May She Rest in Peace.

Anabel's blog:

Rock for Anabel!

Guys, here's some info from FaceBook about various fundraising gigs for Anabel:

From Marlies, via SMS, at 4:30 A.M. on January 11:

Anabel has chosen to rest now. 

Details of her wake are being discussed, and once they have been finalized they will be posted here. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Update as of 13th Jan.


You may pay your respects to Anabel and her family during the wake at the Bosch family compound at 350 Protacio St., Lemuria Compound, Pasay City. On the ninth day of the wake, January 19, there will be a final mass for Anabel. Once details of this have been finalized, we will post them here.

From Katrina:

I'd like to ask you all to PLEASE ATTEND AS MANY BENEFIT GIGS AS YOU CAN. Whatever happens, we will push through with them all. The family badly needs financial support for the escalating medical bills. And, if there's anything left over, it will go towards Mishka's scholarship fund. please check the gig sched on this site, then head over to the different venues, and have fun with the terrific lineup of bands! Just make sure you take a photo of yourself in a way that makes it clear you were at the right venues on the right dates, and show proof that you've somehow spread the word on the gigs. Let's Rock Bosch!

GIGS! GIGS! GIGS! (as of 1:39 AM January 9)

Bands and musicians are welcome to perform at any or all of these gigs, and the many other fundraising events that are to follow. Please email the corresponding contact persons for these gigs. 

If you would like to help set up another benefit show for Anabel, please email Isabelle Ramos at or PM her on Multiply (

3 Jan, Saturday - BIG SKY MIND
The Dawn, Cambio, Chillitees, Peryodiko + more!
9.30pm, P100 entrance

7 Jan, Wednesday - Mag:Net HIGH STREET
Tropical Depression, Cocojam, Coffeebreak Island, Hinlalato + more!

9 Jan, Friday - SAGUIJO
Sandwich, Pupil, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, South Superhighway, Top Junk + tarot readings by Karen K. + more!
9.30pm, entrance P100

9 Jan, Friday - CHECKPOINT, Bicutan
Playphonics, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
9 pm, P200 Entrance

9 Jan, Friday - TEN 02
Noel Cabangon - Johnny Alegre (Affinity), Akasha (Mar Dizon, Henry K., Dave Harder), Lynn Sherman and Skarlet, Balooze (Ricky Gonzalez’s jazz quartet), Corporate Lo Fi, Helen, Reklamo, Color It Red, Ms. Emee Fortuno (wife of the legendary Ed “Bosyo” Fortuno)

10 Jan, Saturday - HOBBIT HOUSE
Jook Jam (feat. Delta Slim), Blue Jean Junkies, Blue Rats, the Jerks, K.O. Jones, Coco Jam & MISHKA BOSCH
8 pm, P300 entrance

11 Jan, Sunday - 19 EAST, Sukat
Playphonics, Wally Gonzales, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
8 pm

14 Jan, Wednesday - TEN 02
Classic Rock Night for Anabel
DRT, Kjwan, The Dawn(tentative), Playphonics and Razorback

15 Jan, Thursday - TEN 02
Reggae Night for Anabel
Reggae Mistress, Spy, Coffee Break Island, and many more

15 Jan, Thursday - ROUTE 196
The Ronnies, Bagetsafonik, Analog with Waya Gallardo on vocals, The Late Isabel, Slave Drum, Pedicab, Imago, Sugarfree. Robert Alejandro, graphic artist and poet will also be doing portraits.
contact or

17 Jan, Saturday – 19 EAST
9 pm, P250 entrance
*Part of the proceeds will go to Anabel and her family.

19 Jan, Monday - ROUTE 196
The Jerks, Duster, Kaktooz, Paramita, Ciudad, Archipelago, The Dorques, Blue Jean Junkies
contact or

20 Jan, Tuesday - CONSPIRACY
Romancing Venus poets + more!

20 Jan, Tuesday - SAGUIJO
Hayag Production feat. Treastone, Datus Tribe, Dr. Mindbender, Ursaminor and Menaya.

21 Jan, Wednesday - CLUB DREDD
Anabel's Birthday Gig!
Romancing Venus poets (Karen Kunawicz, Kooky Tuason, Ginny Mata, Charms Tianzon, Nina Terol, Raul Roco, Jr., Maegan Aguilar, Katrina Pallon of Scarlet Tears, Monique Obligacion, Juddha Paolo), Joniver Robles, Lynn Sherman and Koyang, Kenyo, Color It Red (TBC), Ronnies.

30 Jan, Friday - MAG:NET HIGH STREET
The Camerawalls, Archipelago, Join the Club, Layag, The Ronnies + more

31 Jan, Saturday - CONSPIRACY
Mike Unson live, feat. Uli Oposa & Stanley Chi, with special guest Charms Tianzon
9 pm, P100 entrance

6 Feb, Friday, SAGUIJO
Sweetspot artists

*Taken By Cars, 6 Cycle Mind, Nyko Maca + PLAYgROUND + Juno Oebanda, Macky of Tribo Manila + others will also be playing during one of these dates.

*More dates and events to be announced as soon as we are able to confirm them.


(Photos of venues sourced from the net)


Band vocalist succumbs to brain aneurysm

By Pocholo Concepcion
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:59:00 01/11/2009

 MANILA, Philippines—A female band vocalist succumbed to brain aneurysm Saturday.

Anabel Bosch, lead singer of such bands as Elektrikcoolaid, Spy and Analog and backup vocalist of Tropical Depression, passed away 10 days after she was rushed to the Makati Medical Center. On New Year’s Eve, Bosch complained of a severe headache and was vomiting before she was brought to the Makati hospital.

Doctors diagnosed brain aneurysm and recommended immediate surgery. Bosch slipped into a coma after the operation and never recovered. She died early Saturday morning in a hospital private room. She was 32.

Bosch is survived by her husband Jamie Wilson and daughter, Mishka.

Bosch was well loved by the local rock community for her friendliness and generosity. Dozens of bands joined at least six benefit gigs to raise funds for her hospital expenses while she was confined.

Bosch was a niece of counterculture figure Pepito Bosch, whose ancestral house in Pasay City was a creative refuge of bands such as Cocojam and Jun Lopito. This influenced Bosch to train her sights on a musical career. When she was in high school, Bosch was already a regular at the original Club Dredd along Timog Avenue in Quezon City.


A Poem by Joni Mercado (Wife of Mario, Banggaan-USA)

Please convey our condolences to Anabel's family members, as well.
 A lovely soul departed
 When it was time to go
 An angel came a calling
 To the sleeping soul below
 The spirit rose and floated off
 To reach its destination
 A journey it would travel
 Far beyond all comprehension
 And all the souls it left behind
 Felt sad this soul had gone
 But what remained were memories
 To comfort everyone.
 With heartfelt Condolences,
Joni Mercado


To end this blog entry, here's a video by duo called 2 O'clock (shared to us by Banggaan art group member Ed Labadia).

May I dedicate this beautiful song In My Life to the memory of Anabel Bosch.