Sunday, August 23, 2009

Islao Palitao

Once in a while there are bees buzzing under my bonnet, as one good friend has put it; so I'm introducing Islao Palitao in my blog. I'll let him express whatever comic strip idea I have in mind (sigh, I miss doing comic strips for Manila daily newspapers back in late 70's).

The name is similar to Islaw Palitaw which is a 1946 cartoon character by Larry Alcala ..and yes, he's still not given the title of National Artist, not even posthumously. What a shame! Oh well, I shall worry not for I like to think that a person given an unworthy gold medal bigger and heavier than his own weight and ego shall carry around his neck a lifelong burden; his creations a mute cry in the wilderness begging for an audience already wisened up by the deceipt of status quo.