Friday, June 3, 2011

Sex Scandals (Big Boys in Trouble)

Governor, minister,
Banker's DNA
President & King
Oats gone astray?

I'm just a plebeian,
Thank heavens, thank Mary
 Big boys in trouble
not in my dic..tionary:) 
 Anytime there's a scandal, we all try and get involved..says Larry Flint; and what was George Stevens complaining about when he thought he might say something to newsmen that could be turned into a scandal?

Sadly or fortunately, the media could be a focusing lens for its audience, problem is like asphalt heat waves, the lens offer distorted or magnified or manipulated tales . However not all manipulations intend evil if humour may be considered as one; and so let me share a photo-manipulatoon or digital opinion cartoons using manipulated photographs. This cartoon was featured in


Monday, May 30, 2011

Blacktown, Cool Town

Downtown Blacktown
how i love this city
Fun and art-loving

so multiculturatti:)

Not your leafy suburbs
no street upheaval
only Nurragingy
in a time-warp Medieval

No surf nor a big bridge
no boats moored in the bay
only proud visitors
the Darug allowed to stay

Emergency heroes
ambos,  fire engine
Filipinos in Defense Force
the agin' still marchin'

Koreans beat their hyeokbu
Falun Gong partying
Cheerleaders and stilt walkers
Shiek swords parrying

Australia spells freedom
unless one jumps the queue
we all live together
like the emu and kangaroo:)
-edd aragon 2011

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