Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama for Philippine President

                                       Barack Obama caricature by Edd Aragon

Coloured pencils handy and TV on, I drew Barack Obama’s caricature (above) while he delivered his acceptance speech as Democrat’s nominee for the US presidential election. I’ve been following the election closely as inspired by net friends with much enthusiasm (particularly photographer friend Ben Razon. He passed on some images by Arman Clemente of Manila Standard Today of Americans and Filipino-Americans marching along Quezon Bridge in Manila for Obama). (Photos below)

Hillary Clinton’s surprise turnaround for Obama left a lot of jaws hanging, gaping wider than Denver coliseum. I was gobsmacked, too while I listened to her speech. What a speaker! Then today Barack gave an even better speech. A guy who could touch raw nerves and yet those touched could still feel good about it; what an artiste!

I would have been a proud American had I lived there; i.e. for my hope for a better country seemed to have achieved clarity. You may say, like Beatle John said, I'm a dreamer but I would have been a proud Afro-American or just an ordinary American who still remembers Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream...” But I am Australian and we’re all right here, sport:) Hey Barack, you'll be a fine inspiration for our Aussie Prime Minister:) but not for Mr. Bush's friend here;-)

However something about having a Filipino heritage bothers me. It’s Philippine politics.. and man, it sucks! Oh how I pine for change in the political landscape of Motherland. I’m not much into politics but nothing can be detached from politics as the Great Beijing man has said. American politics shall affect world politics and everyone should consider himself a global citizen...even just for principle for a decent civilisation. Moral decadence has ravaged the environment on a global scale. Partly to blame are American policies like the resistance to reduce carbon emission by its industries.

During his speech I felt Obama was addressing the Filipinos while he promised “I will restore our moral standing!” Now that’s different from the norm. No promises of new basketball courts in every Barangay but a change in morality; something about self-respect. 

Well, let’s pretend..suppose he’s running for President in the Philippines, will there be hope for a country which still lags behind other Asian economies while most would hardly have a square meal a day, not to mention “pagpag” food, a country where journalists are threatened to be deleted like typographical errors with much impugnity, where politicians instead of resigning due to obvious scandals still hang around on branches like vultures?

Shall he win?:)

Oi, may I suggest some possible slogans:

-“Sa Barako kami!”,

-“O' Ba.. Ma-saya!”,

-“Egoy is beautiful!”

-"Gusto namen

Obama-Biden, hindi

Osama Binladen!":)

The Barack Obama concept of a real politician full of idealism is wonderful. But only time will tell if the flesh can sustain it.

Meanwhile where I'm typing this, may I..for the spirit..and only for his idealism and spirit..let out a big cooee: Go Oba Downunda!